Monday, 8 October 2012

In Process To Achieve My Dream

--- Assalamu'alaikum ---

annyeonghaseyo :D
how are you, guy?
hopefully all of you in good condition now
i wanna ask you, do you still remember something about me?
actually today i want to update the latest news about my dream to collect all MBLAQ albums
guess what? did i really achieve it?
not really, but i will complete since i already be so determined about it, keke
i just can't buy it frequently because i'm afraid that my mother will angry about a way to be careful from that situation
now i already have 7 MBLAQ albums in my collection
for the past week, i just ordered for MBLAQ Blaq Style 3D Edition
i'm really really excited about it because it's already out of stock in mostly shop
but since i already found in one online shop in my country, i just grab this chance to buy it
and then i will buy for MBLAQ Your Luv Normal Edition
let's we see if i have extra money i will buy for Limited Edition one for MBLAQ Your Luv and Baby U!
and for next year, i will save money to buy for their since i have none of them, it kinda sad right?
i really wish i can complete for all of them
and now i just waiting for my new shelf to put my love MBLAQ albums :DDDDDD
here the proof >>>>>

MBLAQ First Single Album - Just Blaq

MBLAQ Second Single Album - Y

MBLAQ First Album (Full Album) - Blaq Style

MBLAQ Third Mini Album - Mona Lisa

MBLAQ Second Japanese Album - Baby U! (Normal Edition)

MBLAQ Fourth Mini Album - 100% Ver

MBLAQ Repackaged Album - Blaq% Ver

you saw it already right???
i wish i can complete my collection soon and start to buy for their merchandise too because now i just focus only for their albums and DVDs (Men In MBLAQ Live Concert, Mona Lisa Style and This Is War Music Story)
seriously i cant wait for their next COMEBLAQ
it must be really daebak
actually it will be in this month, October
but they postponed it because for their busy their schedule
they just finished their BLAQ% TOUR AROUND ASIA (start with Indonesia (Jakarta), Thailand (Bangkok), Korea (Seoul), Japan(Tokyo and Yokohama) and Taiwan (Taipei)
and now their filming for their new variety show, MBLAQ IDOL MANAGER
actually i already watched it till 7th episode and this week will be 8th
i really really love MBLAQ especially G.O <3
here their variety shows list that i've been watched it:
MBLAQ IDOL MANAGER(currently variety show)
our BLAQies are really really busy this year
i hope their get enough sleep and rest especially for G.O
he had filmed for "Ghost" drama which was end in August and for their BLAQ% TOUR
besides, he also back as permanent member in Immortal Song 2
this week will 6th episode
truly listening to his voice really gives me a warm feeling
i really love his powerful and emotional voice
i think he deserves more attention from what he got now
and one thing, from many kpop idol voices, i just found only him with that voice
i can't find someone who sounds like him
seriously i'm not just saying this because i love him only, but this is the fact
besides, he is also handsome, cute, smart, caring, kind, loving, dorky, great actor, king of pokerface(LOL) and he knows how to treat people
morever, i just got news for a few day ago that he will be main actor in new Ailee's music video
it just my dream becomes true :DDDDDD
even though it's not for MBLAQ's music video
but still, i'm really grateful about that
i'm also hope that there will be a chance for him to mai actor for MBLAQ's music video in future
i'm so happy because finally G.O got recognised by his great acting in "Ghost'

chingu, i think i should stop and go to study right now
please looking forward for my next story
and please remember that i always love G.O too, keke


annyeong hi gaseyo ~

smile always :)