Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Happiest Day

--- Assalammu'alaikum ---

Annyeonghaseyo :D

how are you today, readers?
today is my happiest day because i just got my Mblaq album, Blaq%Ver around 3:05 pm just now
it arrived early than estimate date from what that unnie told me
now i'm just enjoying listening all the songs in this album
after i heard all songs(keep playing it) in this album i just want to point out my favourite songs
i'm really like "100%" song which is at no.2 and you can find it in the tracklist at the back of cover
i also like a song that called as "Beautiful"...you're so beautiful, you're so beautiful..hehe 
you can find it at no.3 in the tracklist
other than that songs, i also like "She's Breathtaking" song (no.7)
and lastly i also like a song that called as "Hello My Ex"...actually not just like but really100000x like it..haha
honestly i like all Mblaq songs but i just want to pick my favourite one, okay?
all Mblaq songs are pleasant to hear seriously (big fan of Mblaq, hehe)
actually i have heard 5 songs from this album because this album(Blaq% Ver) is a repackaged from Mblaq album, 100% Ver
but Blaq% Ver has 3 additional songs inside it <3
okay, seems like my story getting reached at the end

Annyeong hi gaseyo :D

- don't forget to smile always :) -

Monday, 4 June 2012

Process Of Collecting Money

--- Assalamu'alaikum ---

Annyeonghaseyo :D

how are you today?
i hope all of you fine today
jom, hari ni aku nak stroy mory sikit
maklumlah, lama tak menulis...bukannya apa, penyakit segan menebal dalam diri
hari ni aku nak cerita pasal apa?
haa...hari ni aku nak cerita pasal kumpul duit
untuk apa aku nak kumpul duit tu?
sebenarnya aku kumpul duit sebab nak beli album2 Mblaq
aku nak jadikan koleksi ^_^
kat bawah ni aku ada sertakan gambar album2 yang aku nak beli

Blaq Style Album

Y Album

Monalisa Album

Just Blaq Album

100% Ver Album

Your Luv Japanese Album

Baby U! Japanese Album

sekarang aku tengah kumpul duit nak beli album Blaq Style, Y and Monalisa
yang lain2 tu nanti aku akan usahakan kumpul duit lagi
aku dah order album ni

Mblaq Blaq% Ver Album

album ni ada 3 lagu tambahan daripada album 100% Ver
kiranya dalam album ni ada 8 lagu la sebab album 100% Ver ada 5 lagu
mungkin akan sampai dalam 7-10 Jun ni..hehe
i cant wait for that day
the photobook in this album also attractive... wink2 :D

sekarang ni baru keluar cerita yang aku nak cerita
aku rasa lega dapat cerita apa yang aku suka..baru best nak menulisnya kan?
apa yang aku rasa macam tu la, hehe
apapun ada satu benda aku tak beli lagi 
majalah Epop bulan Jun
bila nak beli tak tau lagi..tapi yang pasti memang aku akan beli
okey, sekarang cerita aku dah sampai ke penghujungnya

Annyeong hi gaseyo

- smile always :) -