Friday, 14 December 2012


----- Assalamu'alaikum -----

annyeonghaseyo ^^
how are you today?
today i have something to tell about
know what?
of course about incident last night
all football fans must know what happened right?
i mean for malaysian fans
i know that we are lost plus with that UNFAIR REFEREE <---- I DONT LIKE HIM TOO
but why people have to blame on KPOP?
as far as i know, KPOP is music genre..not a SPORT
before that you also have to know
KOREA is divided into is South Korea and the other one North Korea
that referee is from NORTH KOREA...not from SOUTH KOREA
for those non-kpopers, if you want to know
so why you have to blame on KPOP? WAE???
it just that referee's fault for being unfair in the game
hey guys, please blame on the right person
why must to bring KPOP in this matter???
moreover, in a simple word that we can describe in Malay "tak sebulu" or not match in English
between South Korea and North Korea
and one more thing, if you dont know anything..please dont talk
if you say those harsh words, you make our team win? not right
just because of that person, you want to blame all of them?
i'm not saying this because just because i'm kpop lover
but it also because i hate this kind of condition
i hate when people blame on innocent people, talk bad about them
just imagine how do you feel if you who is blamed for thing that you never do?
but can you RESPECT us too??? i mean it
it's your right to choose what you love
but please keep your manner
because of manner, it shows how people will judge us
then you should think about that too
i dont to want to create any fanwar
just want to tell the truth

~ annyeong hi gaseyo ~

Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Update ^^

  ----- Assalamu'alaikum -----

annyeonghaseyo ^^
hello guys
seems like i didnt post any story for a long time right?
wanna know why? hehe
because i'm too busy with MBLAQ especially G.O, lol
i always lazy to write any story
but today i got a new spirit to post something today
then i will write
still, something that i want to tell today also relates with MBLAQ :D
guess what? dont feel pressure yet
absolutely with my dream to complete my MBLAQ's album collection
when i think about money..argghh it really drives me crazy
dont know where find that..then they already released their official MBLAQ Season Greeting 2013
i want it so bad
but the situation dont allow me to do that
then what should i do now?
if during school days, i will get allowance from my parents
i will save all of them to buy album that i want
i cant do that anymore since now is school holidays
it tortures me..of course i cant ask my parents to buy it for me
i'm really jealous to those who can always buy the albums as much as they want
it's okay some of them have to work part time job
but work can i do? I JUST A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, lol
now i'm still waiting for MBLAQ Your Luv and Mona Lisa Style DVD to arrive
for my Your Luv, the album got delayed because they said their supplier in process to collect the stock
i just cant get why it has to be when it comes to mine
i mean it already two times i ordered from them, and the same thing happen to me again
futhermore, the batch after me was already arrived *HOT HOT HOT
my order expected to arrive this friday or saturday..maybe i will get it in next week
and for Mona Lisa Style DVD , i'm still not sure when it will be arrive
get tired to waiting all of this
NOW, let's go for next topic
did you noticed something?
I'VE CHANGED MY NEW HEADER *congratulation
G.O is very handsome+cute right? <3
i cant wait him in DRAMATIC BLUE for SBS Gayo Daejun project this year
he's so cute in blue outfit >_<
seriously he's so busy this year..start with MBLAQ COMEBLAQ in the early of this year
then for Hello Baby
and cameo for Strongest Kpop Survival as a group, M1
G.O and Mir participated to sing OST for that drama, "I Already Know" which is composed by G.O and another composer
the lyrics was written by G,O and for the rap part i think it's Mir
also G.O as cameo in Salamander The Guru drama..HAHA he is being a stalker XD
then G.O was casted in drama which is called as "Ghost/Phantom" (Yurong)
he acted as young detective in that drama, Detective Lee Tae Kyun *cuteness overload
i miss him in that drama
and the most happiest thing is that drama was aired on my birthday date May, 30th :DDDDDDDDDDDD
for drama that i've been waiting for because of G.O, LOL
i think i need to buy OST for that drama
morever MBLAQ sing a song as OST, "We Were Both In Love"
G.O's voice awesome and soulful as always
hopefully in future i can watch him in K-Drama as a hero because he just be a support cast in Ghost
not a main actor
but he did a great job with it
A+ especially G.Oddess really proud of him
after that he's busy for other MBLAQ members preparing for their THE BLAQ% TOUR around asia,
started in Indonesia(Jakarta) and then Japan(Tokyo), Korea(Seoul), Thailand(Bangkok), Taiwan(Taipei) and lastly to Japan again, in Yokohama
also for they BLAQ% TOUR, MBLAQ sub-unit also debut with their song "Wild" *SEXY song
for their sub unit, theres only two member, G.O(Main Vocalist) and Mir(Main Rapper)
when they in Tokyo they've filmed for their new variety show, MBLAQ IDOL MANAGER
it has 13 episode and it's already end early in Nov
i miss them, miss their jokes, appereances especially their dorkiness
they're really funny...the thing that i love about them the most is they just being themselves epspecially in the variety show..just show their true selves
also when they have BLAQ TOUR in Taipei, G.O also get back as permanent member in Immortal Song 2
he really showed mature performance as he promised
in his second week in IS2, he won with 392 votes
now he has stopped for a while his activities in IS2
i dont know when he will get back..hopefully it will be soon
because i miss to listen his voice in that show since MBLAQ already postponed their COMEBLAQ in next year..dont know when it will be
then he also be as a main actor in Ailee(rookie singer also with a great voice) MV, I will Show You
i love that song too...dont feel shock because i watched that MV more that 50 times, lol
because of G.O
he's too handsome and cute..his role in that MV in NAPPEUN NAMJA(Bad Man)
who got cheated with his girlfriend with another girl, keke
also that song is daebak too..i love that song
and my brother fell in love with Ailee when i show him that MV for the first time HAHA XD
G.O also be as a runaway model with Cheon Dung
but they be model in different day
G.O looks very handsome and stylish <3
then he do a collaboration for Primary new album "LP Messanger"
Primary is one of famous producers in Korea
he sings a song which is entitled as I'm Back with Double K and Yankie
his voice is really heartwarming
also some sweet memories in this year are i've celebrated MBLAQ 3rd Anniversary and G.O's birthday on twitter
for MBLAQ, i edited a picture for them...congrate them and keep trending with other A+ #3yearswithMBLAQ
and for G.O's birthday, i send tweet to incluidng the wishes him almost 50 tweets, lol
we, A+ keep trending #HappyGOday26
i also make a video for his birthday
lately G.O and  Seungho were casted in a musical in Japan, "Gwanghwamun Sonata"
they have the same role as Hyun Woo but act in diffirent time *of course
and they will be togother for that musical in January in next year
one more thing, i've been waiting for Music Bank in Chile will be aired in KBS World channel
even though i already watched it on Youtube, but it's not same as watch in on TV..hehe
in that, MBLAQ perfom their song This Is War and Mona Lisa(G.O sings his part in Mona Lisa in Latin, lucky fans)
they also have for their special solo performance...Seungho, Cheon Dung and Mir perfomed Latin dance with After School..Joon dance ballet with Rania or AS member(i'm not really sure) and the last G.O sings Livin La Vida Loca and two Rania member(as dancers)
recently G.O and Mir also replaced Ryeowook and another suju meber as DJ on Super Junior Kiss The Radio
I LOVE G.O'S NEW HAIRSTYLE...but i love the previous one too
G.O with new one is so cute..with the previous haistyle is so handsome
also G.O was attended to a few variety show that i havent tell as GO Show
G.O and his fellow members Joon and Cheon Dung in Mister Miss Idol Korea Show
MBLAQ in Oh Happy Day!, Gurupop Show Episode 5, All The Kpop
and more
Joon and Mir also busy with their schedule too
i really hope that all of them can get enough rest before their COMEBLAQ especially G.O
i will always support all of you..till now you have done a very very great job
I'M PROUD OF YOU - from A+ 

annyeong hi gaseyo ^^ ~

Monday, 8 October 2012

In Process To Achieve My Dream

--- Assalamu'alaikum ---

annyeonghaseyo :D
how are you, guy?
hopefully all of you in good condition now
i wanna ask you, do you still remember something about me?
actually today i want to update the latest news about my dream to collect all MBLAQ albums
guess what? did i really achieve it?
not really, but i will complete since i already be so determined about it, keke
i just can't buy it frequently because i'm afraid that my mother will angry about a way to be careful from that situation
now i already have 7 MBLAQ albums in my collection
for the past week, i just ordered for MBLAQ Blaq Style 3D Edition
i'm really really excited about it because it's already out of stock in mostly shop
but since i already found in one online shop in my country, i just grab this chance to buy it
and then i will buy for MBLAQ Your Luv Normal Edition
let's we see if i have extra money i will buy for Limited Edition one for MBLAQ Your Luv and Baby U!
and for next year, i will save money to buy for their since i have none of them, it kinda sad right?
i really wish i can complete for all of them
and now i just waiting for my new shelf to put my love MBLAQ albums :DDDDDD
here the proof >>>>>

MBLAQ First Single Album - Just Blaq

MBLAQ Second Single Album - Y

MBLAQ First Album (Full Album) - Blaq Style

MBLAQ Third Mini Album - Mona Lisa

MBLAQ Second Japanese Album - Baby U! (Normal Edition)

MBLAQ Fourth Mini Album - 100% Ver

MBLAQ Repackaged Album - Blaq% Ver

you saw it already right???
i wish i can complete my collection soon and start to buy for their merchandise too because now i just focus only for their albums and DVDs (Men In MBLAQ Live Concert, Mona Lisa Style and This Is War Music Story)
seriously i cant wait for their next COMEBLAQ
it must be really daebak
actually it will be in this month, October
but they postponed it because for their busy their schedule
they just finished their BLAQ% TOUR AROUND ASIA (start with Indonesia (Jakarta), Thailand (Bangkok), Korea (Seoul), Japan(Tokyo and Yokohama) and Taiwan (Taipei)
and now their filming for their new variety show, MBLAQ IDOL MANAGER
actually i already watched it till 7th episode and this week will be 8th
i really really love MBLAQ especially G.O <3
here their variety shows list that i've been watched it:
MBLAQ IDOL MANAGER(currently variety show)
our BLAQies are really really busy this year
i hope their get enough sleep and rest especially for G.O
he had filmed for "Ghost" drama which was end in August and for their BLAQ% TOUR
besides, he also back as permanent member in Immortal Song 2
this week will 6th episode
truly listening to his voice really gives me a warm feeling
i really love his powerful and emotional voice
i think he deserves more attention from what he got now
and one thing, from many kpop idol voices, i just found only him with that voice
i can't find someone who sounds like him
seriously i'm not just saying this because i love him only, but this is the fact
besides, he is also handsome, cute, smart, caring, kind, loving, dorky, great actor, king of pokerface(LOL) and he knows how to treat people
morever, i just got news for a few day ago that he will be main actor in new Ailee's music video
it just my dream becomes true :DDDDDD
even though it's not for MBLAQ's music video
but still, i'm really grateful about that
i'm also hope that there will be a chance for him to mai actor for MBLAQ's music video in future
i'm so happy because finally G.O got recognised by his great acting in "Ghost'

chingu, i think i should stop and go to study right now
please looking forward for my next story
and please remember that i always love G.O too, keke


annyeong hi gaseyo ~

smile always :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Love Never Stop

For this time i wanna say that...
I'm in love because of YOU
I'm happy because of YOU
I laugh because of YOU
I'm crazy because of YOU
but now...
I'm just crying a lot because of YOU
I cry because i dont how much hardness that you've faced before
this hurted me badly
I hate the fact that i dont know anything about this
and let you go through all of this yourself
all this hardness...all this sadness before
but now i'm glad that you're stronger
so, please keep stronger and stronger
thanks for appeared in my life
for you dorky's character
made my life wonderful
and knowing about you is the most thing i love
  SARANGHAEYO OPPA ~ A+                                

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Happiest Day

--- Assalammu'alaikum ---

Annyeonghaseyo :D

how are you today, readers?
today is my happiest day because i just got my Mblaq album, Blaq%Ver around 3:05 pm just now
it arrived early than estimate date from what that unnie told me
now i'm just enjoying listening all the songs in this album
after i heard all songs(keep playing it) in this album i just want to point out my favourite songs
i'm really like "100%" song which is at no.2 and you can find it in the tracklist at the back of cover
i also like a song that called as "Beautiful"'re so beautiful, you're so beautiful..hehe 
you can find it at no.3 in the tracklist
other than that songs, i also like "She's Breathtaking" song (no.7)
and lastly i also like a song that called as "Hello My Ex"...actually not just like but really100000x like it..haha
honestly i like all Mblaq songs but i just want to pick my favourite one, okay?
all Mblaq songs are pleasant to hear seriously (big fan of Mblaq, hehe)
actually i have heard 5 songs from this album because this album(Blaq% Ver) is a repackaged from Mblaq album, 100% Ver
but Blaq% Ver has 3 additional songs inside it <3
okay, seems like my story getting reached at the end

Annyeong hi gaseyo :D

- don't forget to smile always :) -

Monday, 4 June 2012

Process Of Collecting Money

--- Assalamu'alaikum ---

Annyeonghaseyo :D

how are you today?
i hope all of you fine today
jom, hari ni aku nak stroy mory sikit
maklumlah, lama tak menulis...bukannya apa, penyakit segan menebal dalam diri
hari ni aku nak cerita pasal apa?
haa...hari ni aku nak cerita pasal kumpul duit
untuk apa aku nak kumpul duit tu?
sebenarnya aku kumpul duit sebab nak beli album2 Mblaq
aku nak jadikan koleksi ^_^
kat bawah ni aku ada sertakan gambar album2 yang aku nak beli

Blaq Style Album

Y Album

Monalisa Album

Just Blaq Album

100% Ver Album

Your Luv Japanese Album

Baby U! Japanese Album

sekarang aku tengah kumpul duit nak beli album Blaq Style, Y and Monalisa
yang lain2 tu nanti aku akan usahakan kumpul duit lagi
aku dah order album ni

Mblaq Blaq% Ver Album

album ni ada 3 lagu tambahan daripada album 100% Ver
kiranya dalam album ni ada 8 lagu la sebab album 100% Ver ada 5 lagu
mungkin akan sampai dalam 7-10 Jun ni..hehe
i cant wait for that day
the photobook in this album also attractive... wink2 :D

sekarang ni baru keluar cerita yang aku nak cerita
aku rasa lega dapat cerita apa yang aku suka..baru best nak menulisnya kan?
apa yang aku rasa macam tu la, hehe
apapun ada satu benda aku tak beli lagi 
majalah Epop bulan Jun
bila nak beli tak tau lagi..tapi yang pasti memang aku akan beli
okey, sekarang cerita aku dah sampai ke penghujungnya

Annyeong hi gaseyo

- smile always :) -