Sunday, 21 July 2013

PLEASE DON'T T_____________T

        such a sad day..gloomy day
i'm trying my best to not thinking about this
but someone has brought that issue back
my heart just can't be help, it just feel sadder than it was
i wish i could stay strong, but i can't do it anymore
i may look strong outside, but i'm so sensitive inside
maybe people don't really know this fact despite of my playful character, cheerful character and also since i love to joke a lot
now, i'm just too afraid...and so tired of getting hurt again
too many things's just me who knows it
all people that i love always leave me
even since before
one of the reasons why i don't really want to be close with anyone
because it hurts me too much when they leave me 
and it's hurting me more when i know that they will leave me soon
time has passed quickly..just left 1 year already before they will leave me for real
i always hope that thing will always stay this way
but i know, it will just happen in my dream
i thought i have found my true happiness, but sadly it just for a while
only in this short time
i wish it can be longer that it was...i really really wish it
i dont know what to think anymore
my heart was totally broken into pieces 
it drives me nuts whenever i think about it
i also hate when i know that i can't do what people too
i couldn't bear to wait for that day to come
seriously, i don't even want it to happen anyways
this one is too much for me to handle
this sorrow heart of mine..please be okay T___T

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Annyeonghaseyo and G.Ood Morning since now is 3.20 in the morning already ><
so, how are you? hope that you're always fine
it had been a long time since my last update because i'm so lazy to update my blog XD
wonder what i would like to tell to you guys this time? *just hearing the wind blow, lol
however, it's okay because i will write this one even though there is no one to read it *poor soul
actually my topic this time is about the only kpop group that i love
it's MBLAQ 
in last June, finally they have made their comeback after 1 years and half
so, what do i feel about it?
of course that i'm really really need to ask me how happy i am ><
this time, their music styles are kinda different for their usual styles and their MV looks so classy
they came back with "Smoky Girl" song which is the main song along with other tracks including for "Sexy Beat(intro) <------ seriously the sexiest intro
Celebrate, Pretty Girl, R U OK? and the last one is Dress Up"
you can say that their tittle songs are kinda different from other songs right?
this is how unique our BLAQies songs are
their comeback song is really good but sadly they didn't win ANY AWARD TT_____TT
it's just no matter how sad we are (A+), but i know that uri MBLAQ is sadder than us
seriously i just wish i can do something for them..i'm still remember G.O's words in one of MBLAQ's fanmeetings
he said that he's thankful to A+ who have worked hard to love, support and vote them.
the reason why they didn't win any award,  not even 1% is A+ fault
it's all their faults...if only they can make great songs instead thess ones
and he kept saying sorry to A+ that time
i could see the sadness in his eyes when he talked that time
it totally broke my heart to watch him like that..i really hate when he kept saying sorry when MBLAQ is great for me already..nothing bad with them
i know, they must get hurted after they have put all their best in their comeback this time after a long time
you know, G.O said..they have composed more than 100 songs for this comeback and they choose the best ones to add for their album
this showed how hardworking they are
but it's too sad that they're underrated
i just don't get why people are being so mean to them
they're perfect enough for me
they're talented, naturally handsome (didn't do any plastic surgery like many kpop artists did since a beautician said MBLAQ is the only group that all the members are naturally handsome) good singers, good dancers, funny, dorky, have good relationship between members, good personalities, caring with each other, polite 
and the most important thing is all their songs are in ABSOLUTE QUALITY
like their group's name, Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality
so, i will never understand why people not really pay attention to them
i found nothing wrong with them
that's why i will always choose QUALITY over QUANTITY/POPULARITY since Quality is much meaningful
but still, i really hate on how music shows give award based on QUANTITY/POPULARITY, not QUALITY
i want to tell you guys that i'm different from other kpoppers
it doesn't matter how popular the group is, if they have no quality..i will never ever like them
for me, i judge music by their songs and voices (QUALITY)..not based on good looking face or which company they came from
i don't care wether they're from big company of small company
QUALITY is my first priority
for me, there's no point being a singer if you don't even know how to sing well
i don't care what people will said about me, this is my choice and my own thought
i know how hurt they are when they lost to others because of POPULARITY
but still,  for me MBLAQ had produced the best quality of songs already
i really hope that you will get your happiness someday
please don't forget that i and other A+ will always love and support you guys with all of our hearts
since we know you guys better that others
i think that's all for today and i will update my blog again next time
and lastly, FIGHTING to my lovely MBLAQ!!! :DDD
keep your smile and be happy always :)

- Annyeonghigaseyo ^^ -