Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Happiest Day

--- Assalammu'alaikum ---

Annyeonghaseyo :D

how are you today, readers?
today is my happiest day because i just got my Mblaq album, Blaq%Ver around 3:05 pm just now
it arrived early than estimate date from what that unnie told me
now i'm just enjoying listening all the songs in this album
after i heard all songs(keep playing it) in this album i just want to point out my favourite songs
i'm really like "100%" song which is at no.2 and you can find it in the tracklist at the back of cover
i also like a song that called as "Beautiful"...you're so beautiful, you're so beautiful..hehe 
you can find it at no.3 in the tracklist
other than that songs, i also like "She's Breathtaking" song (no.7)
and lastly i also like a song that called as "Hello My Ex"...actually not just like but really100000x like it..haha
honestly i like all Mblaq songs but i just want to pick my favourite one, okay?
all Mblaq songs are pleasant to hear seriously (big fan of Mblaq, hehe)
actually i have heard 5 songs from this album because this album(Blaq% Ver) is a repackaged from Mblaq album, 100% Ver
but Blaq% Ver has 3 additional songs inside it <3
okay, seems like my story getting reached at the end

Annyeong hi gaseyo :D

- don't forget to smile always :) -

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