Friday, 6 December 2013


< Assalamualaikum >

Annyeonghaseyo and hello guys ^^ 
today i'm back with a new post after my last post on yesterday..isn't weird right? 
this is so not my true self since i used to be a lazy one when it comes to update blog, LOL XDDD
did u notice what? *something's fishy over here
it's nothing's just i have changed my alignment style of writting
i'm kinda boring with that old style and i'm trying to write from left instead of starting it from center like usually 
but why you're making a big fuss over it? keke
nevermind, just want to inform you i'm not that okay all the time since i love to play a lot ><
so, what's the real thing for today's topic actually?
okay, back to the main point...i just want to share with all of you for my target/goal for my MBLAQ's you still remember that i have reached my goal last time?
*cricket voice
but it's okay since i'm still have it on my mind so clearly ^0^
so today, i came back with a new target/goal to share for upcoming month and year

here we go, let's get start now

1. MBLAQ's 2014 Season's Greeting

for this, i'm not really sure since there is no information regarding this item yet 
i've been waiting for this since november but as you can see now...I'M STILL WAITING 

2. MBLAQ's BLAQ% Tour In Japan DVD wallet is bleeding enough to get this
you know, japanese release is always much expensive than korean one
it's two times more pricey from DVD of korean version *sob sob
hope that i'll be able to make it real soon since i can't bear with this long waiting period to do so T____T

3. MBLAQ's Mona Lisa Japanese Version Album (Normal Edition)

FYI, i have for both Type A and B for this album
but i'm going to purchase for this version too because of the photocard
in the deep of my heart, i really want to have that Type C which is only available in Japan :(
that version is so beautiful even though Type B is my favourite version

4. MBLAQ's Baby U! Album (Limited Edition Type B)

actually i've been falling into a deep thought  for many times just to choose which version that i should buy the most since it came with Type A, B, C and Normal Edition
so as you can see here, i ended on choosing this type more although i'm planning to buy all versions for next time
i'd have it on my list but i'm not going to make a move toward that yet
need to make my economy becomes much stable yet and i will be purchasing other versions of this album along with MBLAQ's Your Luv Type A
although i have watched all the DVD's from these versions, but still i need to own these copies myself
this is how i show my love and support to my favourite and ultimate group

5. MBLAQ's Baby U! Album (Normal Edition)

i'm going to buy another copy of this album because of the photocard although i'd have one in my collection now

6.  MBLAQ's Mona Lisa Album

i want to rebuy this album because there is some defect for my album 
i'm really upset with it
so, i have made up my mind to get this one too next

7.  MBLAQ's Y Album

if i feel upset and annoy enough with my Mona Lisa album last time,
and this is what i upset THE MOST
because of what?
because my Y album got so many scratches on it
as a responsible seller, they should wrap the album with a lot of bubble wrap
to keep the album in safe and good condition before it arrives to their customer since anything might happen during the shipping time
i have so many regrets about this *sigh

8. MBLAQ's BLAQ Memories Best In Korea Album (Normal Edition)

the same reason goes to this album as well although i have for Type A already
it's because of the photocard ><
and it comes with 40 pages of photobook
maybe if i have for extra money, i'll try to buy for Type B too because it comes with another special photobook and MBLAQ's silver nameplate

so yeah, that's all my goal for now...i really hope that i'm being able to make it becomes real soon...actually i'm thinking of making my birthday haul for next year..but everything is still in my planning yet...i need to survey my budget first to do so...yeah, let's see on how i'm going to handle this, keke...i heard a rumour that MBLAQ will make their comeback on January next year..i don't know wether this is true or not since Mir is the one who told fans about this...hopefully, it'll be true :)
i think that i should stop now since i got some works to do
my last words, G.Ood Luck and FIGHTING to me ><

Annyeong hi gaseyo ~ pyeong
continue to smile, okay? :)

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