Thursday, 5 December 2013


----- Assalamualaikum -----

Annyeonghaseyo and hello guys :)
it's been a while since my last post, right?
the actual reason is because i'm so lazy to write anything...morever, i have no topic to talk about
but for today, i'd have one
but i'm not going to reveal everything regarding this
i don't know, but this is how i do feel about
after considering over these years..either for current or past
i really want to go back to 2012 the most
i love this year very much
so many things happened
everything was perfect on this year
this year was definitely G.O's year
suck, i miss 2012 badly T________T
started with MBLAQ's comeback, their follow stage, G.O's cameo, G.O's drama, MBLAQ's tour, their variety shows, G.O's winning in Immortal Song 2, G.O's collaboration, G.O's appearance as male lead actor in Ailee's MV, G.O's hairstyles which I LOVE THE MOST especially his blonde hair and his haircut from Ailee's MV
i'm not saying that i don't like his haircut now
but still, i love those two hairstyles the most
i wish i can turn back the time
his haircut collection in 2012 seriously the best ones
i love every single of them
i can't even put into words how much i miss this year
G.O is my ultimate bias, so i really want THE BEST for him
he deserves much attention and recognition more than he did now
i'm not saying this because i'm a hardcore fan of him, but he's really a great namja
he succeed on touching my heart with his beautiful and emotional voice instead of having such a powerful vocal
he attracted me with his handsome and cute face ♥♥♥
he gave me many enjoyful moments by his sense of humour
he never failed to impress me with his abilities in composing songs and acting 
and he's very a well-mannered guy
so what's more do you want to ask from him?
i always hope that may everything goes well him 
although i know that sometimes, things don't really happen according to what we wanted in the first place
but there was a fact that hurted me the most even until now
the fact that G.O is suffering from NARCELOPSY DISODER
yaa...i'm totally went speechless about this :(
and this is THE SADDEST THING ever T______T
i hope that everything will be alright for him, he has gone through so many hardships before
i'm not going to say what it is actually since this is a very sensitive topic *sorry but i can't tell you the real thing
but when i got to know him better, about his past and current life
i've a very better understanding of him, more than anyone else because i put my focus only for him
maybe some people don't really care or notice it, but i do
even from small things until the biggest ones, i'd care all of them
although he's my ultimate bias, i never have the thought or dreaming of marrying him
it's because i always know who i am and this is so impossible to happen
he's korean, and i'm can tell the different just by looking at it...and he doesn't even know me XDDD
all i want is for him to be happy
i mean for his TRUE HAPPINESS since many bad things happened to him
i hate when he's in sad condition because i'll feel the same thing too
for being able to grin his teeth, continue to smile, make jokes and keep going despite his hardness all this time
i'm so proud of you G.O oppa and i want you to acknowledge that, arasso?
so, for upcoming seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
i appreciate all your hard works and efforts all the time
you have done a very very G.Ood job until now...well done oppa
then, please do me a favor
to always have that lively side within yourself and please keep your beautiful smile always
even though there is no one for you, you must bear these words of mine in your mind :
I always and will always love and support you with all of my heart
but don't worry since there many G.Orgeous out there ><
lastly, G.Ood Luck and FIGHTING oppa!!! :D
사랑 해요 <333

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